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7 Organic and Cheap Ways to Eliminate Garden Bugs

Your garden is something that requires constant attention. If it's your pride and joy it's worth looking at ways to maintain it organically. Chemical pesticides can damage your plants, so why not try some homemade remedies to get rid of those pesky garden bugs. If the remedies on this list do not work, you can try to buy a natural one on online shops. There are often discounts that will allow you to save on your purchase.


1. Get Rid of Slugs

These creatures can still cause problems despite their slow nature. You would never guess that slugs like beer and wine almost as much as humans. Create slug traps by filling a tin or container with beer or wine and bury it in the ground close to the rim. Set as many of these traps as you think necessary based on the size of your slug problem. Clean and replace the traps regularly. This method can work for snails too.


2. Butterflies Help Your Garden but Caterpillars Can Harm It

Get rid of caterpillars that can end up chewing their way through your plants. The cabbage moth and box tree caterpillar, for example, are known to harm garden plants.


  • Firstly, pick off the caterpillars you find and dispose of them however you prefer.

  • Check the area for eggs and larvae and get rid of any you come across.

  • Build a mesh protective cage around your plant. If you prefer, then try to encourage birds to visit your garden by placing a bird feeder near the caterpillar infestation.


3. Create a Neem Oil Spray


Buy some Neem oil and mix about a tablespoon for every litre and add just under a tablespoon of organic insect soap or detergent. Use the solution immediately and make a fresh bottle every time you want to use it. Spray your natural pesticide on the leaves, under the leaves and around the soil. This is an age-old Indian remedy so trust in the power of Neem oil.


4. Bugs Also Hate Garlic

Hang a clove of garlic around your plant or crush some garlic and create a spray. Add some water and spray away. Garlic works well to repel flying insects as well the usual culprits like aphids.


5. Get Rid of Those Annoying Aphids

Aphids can ruin your crop so it's best to tackle these bugs straight away. Create a citrus spray consisting of oranges and lemons, strain the bits and mix the juice with boiling water. Spray over the infested area. Another spray you can create is using a third of white vinegar to water, the best part is you'll probably have some in your kitchen already. Planting onions and garlic will keep them away, this is the ideal method for on-going prevention.




6. Essential Oils Really Are Essential



Mix a concoction of essential oils such as thyme, rosemary and sage. You can crush the leaves and create your own solution from scratch or simply buy the oils. Mix the oil with water and spray on your plants. Certain oils are great at repelling particular insects.


  • Lavender works well to repel mosquitoes.

  • Use peppermint oil to deter ants and spiders.

  • Try cedar oil for your moth problem.

7. Try an Alcohol Solution


Try making a solution consisting of 1 cup of rubbing alcohol to 4 cups of water. Alcohol can kill a range of pests from aphids to spider mites. Test the solution on a small area and check the leaves within a few days, if the alcohol has burnt the leaves then don't continue to use the solution since some plants can be more sensitive.


If you're a keen gardener or a newbie that's looking to grow some crops, then it's worth looking into organic pesticides. You don't want to damage your plants with vicious chemical solutions. Take the time to create your own home remedies and watch your garden flourish, no matter your budget or experience.

Andrea Boffo

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