How to Grow Carrots from Scraps

With the current financial climate and everyone looking to save money, here’s a great free way to grow carrots – you don’t even need to buy seeds.

The idea is to grow new carrots from your carrot scraps; think of all those wasted carrot tops on Christmas day! I’ll cook for 10 ten people and easily use 1 KG of Chantenay carrots.

Growing your veggies in your allotment (or garden) is one of the finest ways to save money while enjoying a variety of rich, delicious vegetables unavailable in the market. This method of growing carrots is also a great project for kids.

What Do We Mean by Carrot Scraps?

When we speak of scraps, we refer to the parts people leave as leftovers, the tops.

You can grow your carrots with the tops, but the leaves or stalks must be present before the carrot can sprout. Last summer, I just bought carrot plants from my nursery, but this method is much for fun.

growing carrots from left overs

How to Grow Carrots from Scraps

To grow carrots from scraps properly, bear the following procedures in mind:

Step 1: Gather carrot scraps.

Gather nice scraps from your leftovers while the leaves are still fresh. Do not use carrot tops whose leaves have begun to decay. If you plant rotten carrot tops, they may not sprout or regrow.

Step 2: Remove the carrot tops.

If you want to regrow another carrot plant from the carrot tops, leave a bit of carrot root flesh on the carrot stalk. Trim the leaves from the stalks when you remove the carrot tops from the main carrot roots.

Step 3: Fill a shallow container with water.

Find a shallow container and fill it with water. Choose the container size depending on how many carrot tops you wish to regrow. You should find and utilize a larger container if you have so many carrot tops to plant.

Step 4: Put the carrot tops in water.

Once you’ve finished prepping the carrot tops, put them in the container. Don’t soak the carrot tips in the water. Instead, immerse the carrot flesh on the carrot stalk (s).

Step 5: Place the container in a warm and shaded location.

Once the carrot tops have been placed in the container, place them in partial shade that receives 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Additionally, ensure that the area is well-ventilated.

Step 6: Change the water regularly.

You must change the water in the container regularly. When the water turns from clear to hazy brown, replace it with clean water.

Step 7: Transplant the carrot plants.

After 5-10 days, new shoots, leaves, and roots will appear. Allow them to grow for about two weeks before transplanting them to garden soil or a container. The leaves, roots, and shoots must have started and grown nicely after about two weeks or more. You can transplant them at this point.

When transplanting to a container, choose a decent container and a soil mix designed specifically for growing veggies such as carrots. If you’re going to transplant them into a garden, pick a site that gets some sun and has good soil.

In Summary: How Long Do Carrots Grow from Scraps Take?

A healthy carrot might take up to 70 to 80 days to develop after planting under normal conditions. On the other hand, some carrots kinds grow and mature faster or slower than others.

Simply maintain your carrot garden and water it regularly to keep the soil moist. Overwatering or flooding your carrot garden, on the other hand, might damage your carrot plant and attract pests and illnesses.