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How can you grow your way to fitness?

Healthy eating is becoming more popular as people are looking to become fitter. However, supermarkets are struggling to meet the demand and recently we have seen shortages of lettuce and spinach on the shelves. Research-based studies have also revealed that a healthy food shop can cost more than a trolley full of junk food.


Despite the rise in the trend, Brits are still not consuming enough healthy food — reports revealed that more than half of UK adults don’t eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. It’s clear that we have the desire to eat healthier but are often faced with obstacles such as pricing and stock shortages. There is one way to get around this though — growing your own produce! Plants that are grown from home are cheaper and produce high yields. They also taste delicious…

Suttons has created an infographic with all the information needed to grow your own crops and improve your diet. Learn more about the benefits of tomatoes on cancer rates and the effects of broccoli on the brain by reading below.

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