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  1. Allotment Garden

    • A comprehensive website relating to all aspects of allotment gardening, packed with useful information, advice, articles, forum and much more

  2. Allotment Regeneration Initiative Factsheets

    • A large collection of factsheets offering advice on a wide range of subjects about allotment management. Archived and presented by the Barnet Allotment Federation​

  3. Wikipedia  -  Allotments

    • The definition of an allotment as defined by Wikipedia together with worldwide comparisons

  4. Allotment Resources

    • An online research tool intended for everybody who is interested in finding out more about allotments

  5. Allot more Allotments

    • ​Tips and advice on how to lobby for more allotments

  6. NHS live well  -  grow your own fruit & veg

    • ​The NHS 'live well' webpage promoting the health benefits of growing your own fruit & vegetables

  7. BBC Big Allotment Challenge

    • ​The TV game show where contestants put their allotment knowledge & skill to the test

  8. Gardening with children

    • ​An interactive gardening website for kids, schools & parents

  9. Eat Seasonably

    • ​Helps you enjoy fresh fruit and veg at its seasonal best

  10. Which: Grow your own vegetables & salad

    • ​Money-saving growing secrets

  11. Love the  garden

    • Packed with expert gardening advice, tips, inspiration & competitions

  12. Garden Organic

    •  An organic growing charity dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening

  13. Carry on Composting

    • A website designed to promote and encourage composting of garden and food waste

  14. Grow your own Potatoes

    • A national hands-on project that teaches primary school children where potatoes come from and how they grow

  15. Love 2 learn allotmenting

    • An allotment website dedicated to helping the home or allotment gardener enjoy growing fruit and vegetables

  16. Dig my plot

    • ​An allotmet holder's personal website sharing their experience and knowledge

  17. The Allotment Garden

    • ​The organic gardening magazine. A variety of gardening information

  18. Garden Guides

    • How to grow plants, start a garden, get gardening tips or find supplies

  19. People & Planet

    • ​Student action on world poverty & the environment - grow your own

  20. Allotment Regeneration Initiative

    • ​Case studies from the federation of city farms & community gardens

  21. Young Allotmenteers

    • A group of like-minded individuals with a passion for allotment growing​

  22. Self sufficient UK

    • A wide range of up to date information about self sufficient living

  23. UK Gardening

    • ​Interesting and useful information for the novice gardener

  24. Lets go Gardening

    • A wealth of gardening information to help turn your garden into a beautiful outdoor paradise.

  25. Garden Fresco

    • Gardening made easier & cheaper with easy to follow "How To" guides

  26. Kids Gardening

    • Connects children and their families with other schools with similar gardening interests

  27. Gardenate - Garden Calendar

    • Planting guide and calendar about which vegetables to start this month

  28. Allotmenteer

    •  An old online community for allotment gardeners containing some useful information

  29. Allotmentor

    • Get the best out of a wide range of crops and tackle common pests and diseases, including a vegetable diary, online planner and notebook

  30. Grow Veg

    • Garden Planning apps which help you grow fruit and vegetables whatever the size, shape or style of your garden

  31. Project Dirt

    • UK network connecting and resourcing environmental and community projects

  32. The Gardener's Almanac

    • A guide to growing flowers, fruit and vegetables for the ornamental garden and allotment. Organised as a weekly task list

  33. Grow your own online TV channel

    • Down to earth gardening series of online videos and articles for everyone

  34. Choose organic

    • Advice and information to help you to go organic

  35. The Herb expert

    • Tips on herb gardening including how to cook with herbs with some recipes to try

  36. No dig organic gardening

    • ​Promoting a 'no dig' technique of vegetable gardening. Featuring a range of articles, information on courses and a photo gallery

  37. Go self sufficient

    • Information and advice about becoming self sufficient

  38. UK Here we grow

    • Advice on Gardening, Allotmenteering & Self sufficiency for the modern world

  39. Potato variety database

    • Comprehensive & independent data on GB-certified potato varieties

  40. Blight Watch

    • An online service supported by the British Potato Council assisting gardeners in the control of blight

  41. The Gardener's Calendar

    • Gardening techniques and advice plus mobile app

  42. The Vegetable Expert

    • ​How to plant, grow, harvest, store & cook vegetables

  43. Adopt a Veg

    •  Adopt a veg to help fund the work of the Heritage Seed Library

  44. Soil & Health Library

    • ​A free library of downloadable e-books about agriculture, natural hygiene, and self-sufficient homestead living

  45. Garden Action

    • Information source for vegetable, fruit, herb and plant care in the garden and allotment

  46. Ediculture

    • A charitable trust dedicated to the health, well being, and alleviation of poverty by developing the capacity of the edible cultural network

  47. Garden Focused

    • Gardening for the amateur gardener made simple by the experts, written in easy to understand language with lots of pictures and videos

  48. Selfsufficientish

    • Information on growing plants, wild food recipes, and alternatives to lead a low impact urban life

  49. The Vegetable Patch

    • Useful site with handy tips on starting a vegetable garden and growing vegetables & fruit

  50. Gardening Patch

    •  A host of articles about vegetable gardening, fruits and herbs

  51. Thrive - Carry on Gardening

    • A national charity that helps people with a disability to start or continue gardening

  52. The Secret Seed Society

    • This society aims to spread the fun of growing and cooking your own food with children

  53. Earth Friendly Gardener

    •  A look at how what we do in our gardens affects the natural world around us

  54. Slug Off

    • Everything you ever wanted to know about the slug, and everything you ever wanted to know about controlling them

  55. Down the Plot

    • ​Life on a London allotment

  56. Grow your Own - Scotland

    •  A single resource for all grow your own organisations throughout Scotland

  57. Wood Allotments

    • A wood allotment gives you a carefully marked number of trees to chop down yourself for firewood in a local woodland that is in need of thinning

  58. Manure Matters

    • ​Dow AgroScience's online article about Aminopyralid contaminant in manure

  59. Allotment Gardening

    • Information and help about how to care for your allotment garden in the vegetable gardening season

  60. Grown in the UK

    • Website devoted to quality food, ornamentals and wood grown in the UK

  61. My Allotmnet Garden

    • ​Ideas on allotment gardening, books, planning, experiments & product reviews

  62. The Great Grub Club

    • ​A fun site for all the familiy which includes an A-Z of fruit & veg

  63. Veggie Harvest

    • A Definitive Source for Vegetable and Herb Gardening Information

  64. The Green Home

    • Advice for living a greener lifestyle

  65. Mantis' Complete Guide to maintaining a successful allotment

    • A very comprehensive and informative article from the Mantis blog pages



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