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4 Tips to improve the gardening experience for senior citizens

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Gardening is great for people of all ages. However, for seniors, it’s one of the best activities you can do. Not only is it good for staying physically active, but it also offers loads of mental and emotional benefits for your health as well. And one of the best parts about it: You can enjoy gardening and landscaping without draining your bank account.


Here are some budget-friendly tips for practising it safely.


Put in Landscape Lighting


To start making your garden and other outdoor areas safer and more accessible, think about installing landscape lighting. Landscape lights increase outdoor safety by illuminating dark places in the yard and/or patio, and they make it easier to see stairs. It will keep the whole family safer, and it will also make your property look a lot better at night. If you need to illuminate dark areas of the yard, deck, patio, or driveway, consider installing flood lights along the exterior of your home or garage. Furthermore, adding step lights can help prevent accidents from happening when you or your guests are traveling the outdoor stairs.


Get the Right Tools


As with doing any kind of work around the house, having the proper gardening tools is critical. If you try to do a task without the right tools, it will either end in frustration, injury, or take you twice as long (or all of the above). Consider tools that make gardening safer and more enjoyable. For instance, you can find extendable tools for raking and pruning that reduce strain on your neck, back, and arms. Garden aids, such as rolling work seats and foam knee pads, are other options that improve the gardening experience for seniors. Also, protecting your hands is essential, so invest in a solid pair of garden gloves; check out these reviews to find the best ones for you. Along with using the right tools, be sure to wear appropriate clothing and take other safety measures, especially during the summer months.


Utilize Raised Beds


It’s easy to understand why raised beds are good for seniors; after all, the less you have to bend down, the less pressure you put on your back. With tall raised beds, such as those that come to your waist, you can do all of your gardening without going to your knees or bending down at all. However, some people prefer their beds to be one or two feet off the ground, which is still better than not having a raised bed. If you put in several raised beds, consider creating wide and level pathways between them to make them more accessible.


Use Soaker Hoses


When you’re doing a lot of watering, soaker hoses are your best friend. Not only do they save you significant time and energy, but they will also help reduce your water bill. By design, soaker hoses are especially efficient when it comes to saturating the soil. While sprinkler systems have their advantages, they are expensive, high-maintenance, and tend to waste water. Once you set up a soaker hose, you use it, and no other maintenance is required. If you can spend a little more money up front and want the convenience of automatic sprinkler systems with the low-maintenance of soaker hoses, consider drip irrigation.


If you’re a senior who wants to enjoy the many benefits of gardening, there are steps you can take to make it safer and more accessible. Look into landscape lighting to illuminate any outdoor area that needs it. Make sure you get the proper gardening tools and aids. Put in raised beds and wider pathways, and use soaker hoses or drip irrigation. If you need some ideas for budget-friendly activities, check out these gardening projects. Gardening is one of the best things you can do as a senior, and you may as well make it as fun and healthy as possible.


Neil Stawski

Photo Credit: Pexels

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