Best Cheap Raised Bed Kits

It’s quite easy to make raised beds with upcycled bits and pieces, but I recommend buying a cheap kit if you have nothing lying around and want a quick solution.  Raised beds don’t have to look beautiful, its all about functionality.

These raised bed kits below are all available on Amazon for £100 or less.  I have tested all of these on my allotment at home or put them together for friends and seen how they perform.

Land Guard Galvanized Raised Garden Bed Kit

Galvanized Raised Garden Bed Kit I stumbled upon the Land Guard Galvanized Raised Garden Bed Kit and decided to try it. My home garden space needed a refresh, and this product promised quality and convenience. Here’s a breakdown of my experience with it.  I already have a few on the allotment but this product was the ideal for my small home garden.

Assembly: True to its description, setting up this raised bed was a breeze. Assembly took just about 5 minutes and was a straightforward process that required minimal effort. This ease of setup is a massive plus for anyone eager to get to the planting part without wrestling with complicated instructions or an excess of hardware.

Quality and Durability: I first noticed the material’s robustness. Made from Q195 galvanized metal sheet with a double-layer anti-corrosion coating, it felt sturdy and well-made. The oval structure design isn’t just for looks; it adds significant strength at the interfaces, ensuring the bed doesn’t loosen or deform under pressure. This raised bed feels like it’s built to last many seasons, a key factor considering the investment.

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Design and Functionality: The open base design of this garden bed kit is a standout feature. It naturally prevents water accumulation, a common issue leading to root rot and other diseases. This design ensures that plant roots have excellent drainage and can access the nutrients they need from the soil below, essential for healthy plant growth. Furthermore, the double thickness of the metal sheets (0.78mm on average, with parts reaching up to 1.56mm) provides an impressive level of stability. The Land Guard model is a fortress compared to the more common 0.3mm thickness found in many raised beds.

Aesthetics: The sleek, silver color of the galvanized metal adds a modern touch to the garden. It blends well with the natural greenery, making it a visually appealing addition to any outdoor space. Its compact size (4×2×1ft) is perfect for small to medium garden areas, providing ample space for various plants without overwhelming the garden’s layout.

Overall Experience: The Land Guard Galvanized Raised Garden Bed Kit has been a fantastic addition to my garden. Its ease of assembly, durability, functional design, and aesthetic appeal make it a standout product.



Fabric Raised Bed Garden Plant Flower Grow Bag

My friend Janice (2 allotments down) used this eco-friendly option. She didn’t want to mess about building raised beds, so she bought these fabric alternatives. I helped with all the soil lifting and planting up.

Here’s my take on it after a season of use.

Material and Eco-friendliness: One of the first things that drew me to this product was its commitment to sustainability. Made from high-quality, breathable, nonwoven fabric, it’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and promotes healthier plant growth. The fabric’s breathability ensures good drainage and prevents the dreaded root rot, allowing my plants to thrive more vigorously than in traditional plastic containers.

Durability and Reusability: Despite initial skepticism about fabric’s durability for such a large grow bag (180x90x30cm), I was pleasantly surprised. It’s built to last, handling the weight of the soil and plants without any signs of wear or tear. The fact that it’s reusable makes it an even more attractive option. Cleaning and storing it for the next season was a breeze, which speaks volumes about its quality and the thoughtfulness behind its design.

Versatility: The rectangular shape is perfect for various plants, from vegetables and fruits to flowers, providing ample space for a diverse garden. Its portability means I can easily move it indoors if the weather gets too harsh, ensuring my plants are protected year-round.

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Wide Application: This grow bag’s versatility doesn’t stop at what you can plant. I’ve used it for seedlings and mature plants to give them a head start before transplanting. The results have consistently impressed across different plant types, highlighting the bag’s adaptability and effectiveness as a gardening solution.

Customer Service: Though I haven’t had any issues with the product, it’s reassuring to know that it promises responsive customer service. Knowing that help is available if needed adds more confidence in the product.

Overall Experience: The large fabric raised bed garden flower grow bag exceeded my expectations. It’s not often that you find a gardening solution that is eco-friendly, durable, versatile, and effective all in one.


Estate to Garden Metal Garden Raised bed Rectangular

This rectangular raised bed, boasting dimensions of L180cm x W90cm x H60cm, has been the best solution out of the four in my opinion.

Ease of Assembly: The bed came with clear instructions, and the assembly process was straightforward, thanks to the wingnuts provided. It didn’t take long before it was standing proud in my garden. The simplicity of putting it together meant I could focus more on the fun part – planning what to plant.

Durability: The galvanized metal gives it a robust feel, ensuring it can withstand the elements without rust or wear. It’s reassuring that this raised bed is built to last, making it a worthwhile investment for any gardener.

Capacity: The depth and width are just perfect. At 60cm deep, it allows for substantial soil, which is great for root development. This means healthier plants and a more productive garden. Everything seems to thrive more in this raised bed, whether it’s vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

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Support and Stability: Including interior support brackets is a notable feature, adding an extra layer of sturdiness. The bed remains stable and secure even when fully loaded with soil and plants. This stability is crucial, especially in areas prone to strong winds or uneven ground.

Aesthetics: The galvanized metal contributes to the bed’s durability and adds a sleek, modern look to the garden. It blends well with other garden elements and has become a focal point in my outdoor space. The cream option might offer a warmer appearance, but the metallic finish of the galvanized version captures the contemporary vibe I prefer.

Overall Experience: This raised bed has exceeded my expectations from assembly to the ongoing joy of gardening. Its ample space promotes lush, healthy plant growth, while its durability and aesthetics enhance the garden’s overall appeal. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking to elevate their gardening game, literally and figuratively.

Blumfeldt Metal Raised Beds for Gardens

When I first saw the Blumfeldt Metal Raised Bed, I was looking for a practical solution for my ex-wifes’s garden.  This sleek, silver raised bed promised ease and efficiency and a touch of elegance in garden design. After a season of use, my comprehensive review is rooted in firsthand experience.

Assembly: The “super quick and easy to install” claim held true. The assembly process was straightforward, requiring minimal tools and effort. Within minutes, the bed was set up in my garden, ready to be filled with soil. The possibility of adjusting the size and adding extensions for a DIY greenhouse is a feature that speaks to the product’s versatility, offering room for growth and adaptation to different gardening needs.

Material and Durability: Made of zinc-aluminium steel with a powder coating, the raised bed’s construction is solid and designed to withstand the whims of weather. Its weatherproof qualities have been tested and proven over several months of exposure to rain, wind, and sun, showing little to no signs of wear. This durability is essential for any gardener looking to invest long-term in their garden infrastructure.

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Ergonomics and Protection: The innovative elevated design is a back-saver. It eliminates the need to bend over excessively, making garden care more comfortable and accessible, especially for those who might not be as limber as we used to be. Additionally, the raised design provides an effective barrier against pests, bugs, and small animals—a boon for keeping those nibbling critters at bay.

Capacity and Productivity: With its generous size, the Blumfeldt Metal Raised Bed offers ample space for various plants. I cultivated a lush, productive garden from cucumbers and tomatoes to basil and strawberries. The control over soil quality and the bed’s conducive growing conditions resulted in a noticeable improvement in plant health and yield.

Aesthetics: Beyond functionality, the raised bed adds a modern, streamlined look to the garden. Its silver color and oblong shape integrate well into different garden styles, from contemporary to cottage, making it not just a gardening tool but a design element in its own right.

Overall Experience: The Blumfeldt Metal Raised Bed has been a standout addition to my garden. Its ease of installation, durability, ergonomic design, and aesthetic appeal contributed to a more enjoyable, productive gardening season. It’s not just a place to grow plants; it’s a platform for experimentation, learning, and growth, both for the garden and the gardener.