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Most large allotment sites are likely to have toilet facilities. 

But for those that don't, providing such facilities is one of the most popular requests a society will receive from it's members

If you're looking to acquire toilet facilities your first call may be to a local builder to obtain a quote for building an outhouse, installing a toilet and connecting to the main sewer (subject to permission). If that's not an option maybe a septic tank or chemical loo provides the solution to your needs.

However, eco-friendly waterless toilets are always a popular alternative with allotment holders


Hopefully the websites listed below will be of interest

Fresh carrots just harvested from the allotment

Separett Villa 9000

Dry separating toilet for sale 


Top of the range! Pre-loved but still perfect. Four available.

Only £195, new £685.


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Suppliers of outdoor toilets

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  1. NatSol - The compost Toilet Specialists

    • ​Wheelchair accessible dry composting toilets ideal for allotments and other remote locations. Water-less & odour free

  2. Woo Woo Waterless Toilets

    • One of the UK's leading providers of composting toilets and water-less toilets and the sole UK distributor for the Kazubaloo range

  3. Mobile Toilet Units for Allotments

    • ​A UK company specialising in prefabricated Portable Toilets

  4. Free Range Designs - Composting Toilets

    • Composting toilets that require no water, electricity or drainage and are environmentally friendly, using no chemicals and producing no pollution

  5. Quirky Huts

    • ​Compost loo huts made from wood manufactured from locally sourced trees

  6. Eco Loos

    • ​Manufacturers of affordable user friendly compost toilets

  7. Toilet Revolution

    • Composting water-less toilets for all applications

  8. Container Cabins

    • Suppliers of containers for use as portable offices, anti vandal cabins and toilet blocks

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