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There are literally hundreds of online shopping sites that sell garden products.

The following list is just 'the tip of the iceberg'


As always, we've tried to offer a diverse range of products and services that will be of interest to allotment-holders of all tastes

Happy browsing!

Spring onions growing on the allotment
Giant pumpkin growing on the allotment
Curly Leaf Kale on the allotment

Allotment Supplies

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  1. Harrod Horticultural

    • Inspirational UK designed gardening equipment and supplies built on over 60 years of UK manufacturing expertise

  2. Agriframes

    • Manufacturers of Garden Structures for over 40 years including Garden Obelisks, Garden Arches, Rose Walks, Pergolas etc

  3. Natural Collection

    • Hand-picked products to help you make ethical and sustainable choices in every aspect of life

  4. Lawnmowers UK

    • ​One of the UK's leading suppliers of garden machinery, Lawnmovers, Rotavators/Cultivators, Hedgetrimmers, Chainsaws, Generators and much more. Also sell spare parts

  5. Simply Garden Spares

    • The UK's Number One Online Lawn & Garden Equipment Spares Supplier

  6. Mantis UK

    • Mantis UK has the tools to help you succeed — without the hassle

  7. Victoriana - the Victorian Nursery

    • Online supplier of quality seeds and plants for the discerning gardener

  8. COIR Products

    • ​A wide range of 100% biodegradable coir-based products for the garden

  9. The Compost Centre

    • Manufacturers of high quality, peat and weed-free, organic compost

  10. The Organic Gardening Catalogue

    • The catalogue for organic and environmentally friendly gardeners – organic seeds for vegetables, heritage and modern varieties, herbs & flowers

  11. The Worm that Turned

    • ​Revitalise your outdoor space with a fine selection of decor, gifts and furniture

  12. Gardening Express

    • Gardening centre for garden plants and flowers

  13. Allotinabox

    • ​Grow your own produce anywhere with mini allotment seed boxes

  14. Garden Goodies

    • Supplier of garden tools, watering and irrigation equipment

  15. Gro-well Direct

    • Gardening products from a horticultural supplier of 35 years

  16. Knowle Nets

    • Custom made range of nets and cages for various applications

  17. Labels 'n Things

    • Massive range of gardening supplies including labels, ties, plant supports and much more

  18. Two Wests & Elliott

    • ​A wide range of garden supplies 

  19. Even Greener

    • Everything you need to make your life even greener, garden accessories, composting, recycling, water butts and water saving products

  20. Inter Hort

    • ​A nationwide horticultural supplier to both trade and retail

  21. Wood Blocx

    • ​Specialist supplier of custom-made raised beds and planters

  22. Allotment Junkie

    • ​"Lost the plot" guide to allotment gardening

  23. You Garden

    • The online garden centre offering great value grow your own fruit, vegetables & flowering plants delivered directly to your door by post

  24. Fred's Shed

    • ​Where to find Garden and DIY equipment in the UK, tested and reviewed for suitablity for the disabled by Fred Walden

  25. The Natural Gardener

    • Shop for sustainable, biodegradable and natural gardening aids, with organically grown plants and herbs

  26. Gardening Naturally

    • A wide variety of organic and natural products to give your fruit and vegetable crops the protection they need

  27. Waitrose Garden

    • ​One of the UK's leading online garden centres, with everything from garden plants to wildlife accessories. The UK's home of online gardening

  28. Chillington Tools

    • Traditional garden tools from a British company with over 100 years experience in the forging of garden tools

  29. Rocket Gardens

    • Boxes brimming full of organic vegetable, herb and fruit plug plants for the customer to grow on. Ideal for kids/schools, small spaces, beginners etc

  30. Nutley's Kitchen Gardens

    •  Online kitchen garden store for grow-your-own, gardening, and kitchen products

  31. Wiggly Wigglers

    • ​Delivering a little bit of country life to where you live. Worms, birdfood, bug houses, gardening products etc

  32. Earth Easy

    • Solutions for sustainable living in the form of eco-friendly products, comprehensive guides, and informative articles

  33. Green Gardener

    • Organic pest control including natural and biological methods to keep bugs and weeds under control

  34. Jam Jar Shop

    • ​Everything you need to make jam and preserves

  35. Leader Stores

    • ​Home & garden shopping site with a good range of garden furniture and structures

  36. My Allotment Plot

    • Allotment tools and Allotment supplies for Grow Your Own

  37. Quickcrop

    • Information and products for vegetable gardening, from seeds and plants to raised vegetable beds and garden tools

  38. The Range

    • ​ A large selection of products, including garden buildings, furniture, features, BBQ's, tools and equipment all at competitive prices

  39. Lavender & Leeks

    • ​Allotment website, including journal, recipes and products for sale

  40. NoticeBoardCompany

    • The UK's leading supplier of notice boards

  41. Green People

    • ​Live the organic Lifestye. Natural and organic cosmetic products for all the family

  42. Easy Nets

    • ​Quality gardening products such as Soft Butterfly netting and Anti-Bird Netting

  43. Sarah Raven

    • ​Grow the good life with everything you need for a beautiful and productive garden

  44. English Heritage Gifts

    • ​A range of unusual & inspiring gift ideas including books, jewellery , home, garden, toys etc - something for every occasion

  45. Garden Trading

    •  ​Practical & Stylish Accessories

  46. Get Digging

    • ​Azadas and other quality tools not to be found in the normal retail outlet

  47. Green Fingers

    • Online Garden Centre for Garden Furniture and Gardening Supplies. Low prices, rapid delivery

  48. Primrose

    • ​Water features, garden furniture, greenhouses and many other garden products

  49. Eckman

    • Practical solutions for the garden​

  50. Groundforce Gardening
    • ​Direct suppliers of weed control fabric, weed suppressant, weed control membrane
  51. Allotment Supplies
    • The Allotment gardening shop for allotment plot holders and grow your own gardeners




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Green tomatoes in the allotment sunshine
Allotment websites
Allotment websites