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Allotment Recipes

Cooking fruit and vegetables

Growing fresh fruit and vegetables is one thing, but making the most of your harvest is another


Here we present a selection of websites which between them offer plenty of recipes, tips on how to prepare the food and how to store and preserve any surplus


Cooking vegetables

Allotment Cooking

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  1. Allotment Cooks

    • Join Allotment Cooks for inspirational ideas and recipe sharing for own grown produce

  2. Allotment Garden

    • A  good selection of recipes from the popular Allotment Garden website

  3. NHS live well  -  grow your own fruit & veg

    • ​Fresh fruit & vegetable recipe ideas from the NHS 'live well' webpage

  4. Eat Seasonably

    • ​A guide to help you enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables at their seasonal best

  5. Love 2 learn allotmenting

    • Recipe ideas to help anyone growing their own fruit and vegetable

  6. National Allotment Society

    • A selection of recipes written to make the most of your sumptuous harvest

  7. Self sufficient UK

    • A selection of recipes to produce food & drink from wild flowers & herbs and garden vegetables

  8. Garden Fresco

    • A bunch of recipes to help you make the most of your seasonal glut of produce

  9. The Herb expert

    • Cooking with herbs

  10. Go self sufficient

    • How to make your own food and drink

  11. The Vegetable Expert

    • Cooking with vegetables, with advice on storing & preserving

  12. Parsley Soup Vegan recipes

    • ​A comprehensive selection of vegan recipes

  13. Love food hate waste

    • Reduce your food waste with food Storage tips and meal planner guides

  14. Storing & Freezing

    • Packed with advice on ways you can safely grow, cook, store and freeze your food to save money and the environment

  15. The Great Grub Club

    • ​A fun site for all the familiy which includes an A-Z of fruit & veg

  16. BBC Big Allotment Challenge

    • Recipes featured on the popular TV programme

  17. Lavender & Leeks

    • A selection of allotment recipes from the Lavendar & Leek website

  18. Choose organic

    • A few organic recipes to try

  19. Kitchen Tales

    • The popular cookery blog

  20. The Green Home

    • Food & drink information & recipes to help you live a greener lifestyle



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