Dig for Victory

The History of Allotments

Definition of an allotment

The existence of allotments can be traced back for centuries and many people have researched the historical facts over the years


Here we offer what we believe are some of the best accounts with a little war time nostalgia thrown in for good meaure

Allotment History

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  1. The National Allotment Society

    • A brief history of allotments

  2. Allotment Garden

    • Allotment history

  3. The Allotment Gardener

    • History of allotments

  4. BK This & That - Allotments

    • A captivating account of allotment gardening & history

  5. Institute of Archeology - History of Allotments

    • ​Research papers from the Institute of Archeology, University of London

  6. The Guardian

    • Review of "Of Cabbages and Kings" by Caroline Foley

  7. Allotment Heaven

    • History of allotments

  8. Dig for Victory

    • Dig for Victory war-time archives

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